These young talent, high school jazz bands compete in annual swing jazz competition at lincoln center, NY. What a fantastic array of performances, 4 hours in total. that actually get our day swingin’!

If you’re following conan o’brien show then you know many notable character played by Brian Stack (writer and performer). artie kendall the singing ghost, hannigan the salesman, the interrupter, fantastic guy, limbus the late night psychic and the current sketch as john galliano brothers. genius!


Joe Hisaishi, the man who compose for hayao miyazaki ghibli animated movies, as well as 100+ other titles, including notable hana-bi and Kikujirō of takeshi kitano movies. this 3+ hours concert is a gem (especially for ghibli fans).

Husky Rescue with their new line up, Singer Johanna Kalén, replacing Reeta Leena due to her pursuit in further music study. Still amaze us.

Conan O’Brien : Serious Jibber Jabber with Jack White
I’m a big fans of Conan O’Brien show, and jibber jabber worth the hour plus of your life.

so you live in a city bundled with crazy traffic as in we’re in Jakarta, where you spent 2-3 hours in the car to commute? where radio station irritate your ears and you have no time to found new music for your digital player, what will you do?

download this app, these two apps help ease my wasted time on traffic every morning.


yep, as the title suggest, find your preffered news topic, umano will read your choice of news with real voice actor! (no, not siri or other robotic sounding voice).  available at Itunes Store and Google Play for free


find people mixes and enjoy your ride. available at Itunes Store and Google Play for free

enjoy a trip to short flashback of many hit song in 1992-2002 time frame with flight facilities,
mostly consist of hiphop breakbeat tune, we enjoy this mixing era than the rest

Nick Bertke or Pogo famous for VJ works at youtube recently upload his newest work.

fantastic image and mixing. Nick Bertke surely is on another level of vj-ing.

and yes we love it! find more of Nick Bertke happy chording and mixing here

minimalistic piano, escaped your daily routine hectic soundtrack. find Jac david in here

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